Hardy Manufacturing Warranty


We are proud to offer our customers "The Hardy Tread Warranty", which is good for six years from the date of tread installation. Our treads are warrantied against normal use of ice melting compounds and structural damage due to weather related issues. As we install treads, we stencil the installation date on the back edge of the tread. This provides our technicians and your maintenance managers easy access to that information.

The six-year warranty is prorated. We provide free tread replacement throughout year one If treads need replacement during the 2nd year, you will pay 20% increase each subsequent year throughout the time your tread is in service.

We have had no tread replacements due to weather issues to date - but we like providing our customers with the added confidence of a six - year warranty.


We will store your treads in our warehouse to ensure they are handled with care (no product moved from place to place in the complex, and stored incorrectly or handled roughly. We find that this ensures the treads stay looking great, in new condition and of course saves space in your complex for other items you keep in stock.

We will also give your property a 24 hour emergency service: if ANY tread on your property breaks, a quick phone call to us and we will have a technician out to replace the tread within 24 hours. You can rest assured that your residents are safe at all times.

Hardy Mfg. has 36 years of experience in the stair tread business. We have a solid reputation and strive every day to ensure our product is current and the best on the market. 

Our mission is to deliver the best product, the best installation and customer service every day.

Stairs are our specialty not just a sideline!

We take our promises seriously, and look forward to doing business with you.